Show FileInfo Box
If checked, the FileInfo Box to the left of Advanced Renamer is shown.
Learn more about the FileInfo Box here.
Default:  On

Confirm Clear list
When you select Clear from the List menu or close Advanced Renamer, when there are still files in the list, a confirmation box will be shown. If you uncheck this, the confirmation box will not be shown.
Default:  On

Show grid
Toggles the file and folder list grid.
Default:  On

Show help getting startet
Will display a button in the grid for fast access to the quick help when there is no files in the list.
Default: On

Auto close progress dialog
When turned on the batch progress dialog will automatically close when there is no errors.
Default: Off

Check for updates at start up
Let Advanced Renamer automatically check for updates every time the program starts. A link to the download site will be displayed in the bottom of the main window when there is an update.
Default: On